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About Us

Axis New Gen - A Digital Service Agency

Axis was founded in 1997 with the vision of enhancing the brands to their niche market segment. Axis is a hub of dynamic creative professionals focused on delivering superior user experience through its capabilities in ideation, design, production, and new media adoption.

The Vision

Optimising research, data and experience to formulare tailor-made solutions for brands that aim to strengthen their market hold and enhance their customer journey.

The Mission

To be synonymous with creative innovation while implementing our prowess of aesthetics into design, nurturing a force that shapes up the ideas of tomorrow from the experience of yesterday.

Our Logo Story

The logo is designed with the idea of movement, and the contraction and behavior of earthworm which projects our multidirectional approach.

It also illustrates the axial movement of an earthworm as a reflection of our understandable and adaptable approach towards interpreting our clients’ vision and ideologies.

In addition, the logo has circular rings that directly relate to the body structure of the earthworm. It is an amalgamation of nature and color gradients that showcase the brand’s flexibility, simplicity, and royalty.

Meet Our Mascot

We enhance brands’ USPs with our organic presence and systematic structural growth which are similar to an earthworm characteristic.

Countries Served
Years of Experience
Years of Experience

Our Coverage

When it comes to building the brand value, we love to explore new heights for all kind of verticals.

Our Culture

It’s a basic principle of life; we grow in an environment where conditions are in the favour of nurturing our potential. At Axis, we strive to create a similar atmosphere.


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